There are several important recommendations that should be considered with respect to child protection:

  • First, children should always ride in the back seat of the vehicle.
  • Children in the front seat are more likely to suffer minor or fatal consequences.
  • Whenever you travel by car, you should wear adequate protection, according to your weight and height, as indicated below:


Babies, from their first trip in a car, must go in a suitable seat, which is the one that has its own safety belt and holds them from the shoulders to the waist, through the abdomen.

It is most appropriate for the chair to be installed in the back seat of the vehicle, as indicated. If you must sit in the front seat, maintain the position that causes you to face the back of the seat.

If the infant must be carried by an adult companion in an emergency, the adult must sit in the back seat of the vehicle.


They may never ride on the lap of the driver or another passenger, nor should they share a seat belt with another person.

Children up to age 5 should always ride in the back seat of the vehicle, using the safety seat, facing forward and properly secured with the vehicle seat belt.

When they are still small, we recommend the use of cushions on the seat, so that the seat belt goes correctly between the base of the neck and the shoulder, without bothering them.