United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Responsabilidad Social Panavial

Health and Wellness Program

Panavial contributes by building awareness among its collaborators on healthy practices and therefore invests in:


  • Infrastructure, sports and recreational spaces.
  • Campaigns to encourage physical exercise.
  • Participation in athletic competitions and other sporting events.
  • Ecuadorian athletes sponsorship in different disciplines.
  • Promotion of healthy eating with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) suppliers.

Employment: Decent Work and Economic Development

The construction processes of the company, throughout the product-services life cycle, demand a large number of collaborators for the execution of strategic, administrative and operational activities that cover several regions, thus contributing to the growth of the economy and the improvement of the levels of development at the local and national level.
Responsabilidad Social Panavial
Responsabilidad Social Panavial

Actions focused on Gender Equality ¨Mujeres Líderes¨

Panavial has reaffirmed its responsibility to women and their role in business. That is why it incorporates them and highlights their work, through service activities in the stations and administrative positions, in order to promote gender diversity within this sector.

The objective is to progressively increase the participation of professional women in different areas.

Responsabilidad Social Panavial

Community Relations

The company contributes to the integral development of the communities, in the areas where the tolls are located and where projects are developed, with programs that encourage the infrastructure expansion, environmental awareness, healthy lifestyles promotion and the generation of sources of employment; thus contributing to the constant development, the improvement of the quality of life and helping to create sustainable communities. Constantly carrying out road education campaigns and first aid emergency roads.

Corporate Volunteering

Maintaining direct and constant communication, positive and mutually relationships with the communities involved in the roads and projects, Panavial develops through volunteer work Caminos de Bienestar, activities related to health, education, environment and recreation to promote a better quality of life and reiterate the commitment to the interests and needs of Ecuadorian society.
Responsabilidad Social Panavial