Emergency Road Services 24/7 assistance, for free:

Panavial is constantly searching how to satisfy its users needs, constantly renewing its vehicle fleet.


Road Safety Vans:

Double cab, new cars for better assistance and support the travellers.

Cranes and Platforms:

New platforms to transfer manual and automatic vehicles that due to accidents or mechanical damages cannot roll, heavy cranes for automobiles up to 13 tons.

Equipped ambulances:

With the best basic life support implements.


Toll payment besides providing a road in optimal conditions, also allows access to the following services:

Roadside assistance:

In the event of a traffic accident or mechanical failure, properly equipped mobile units may remove the vehicles and transport them to the closest workshop or safe place. In addition, unforeseen events and damage to users’ vehicles are assisted by trained personnel.

Pre-hospital care:

Available to road users who, due to medical emergencies, need care from qualified personnel for stabilization or transfer to a medical home.

Communication –  S.O.S Posts:

Along the road there are S.O.S. posts located approximately every 5 km of distance, from where you can communicate with the nearest toll station to request any service or to notify any road news.

Procedure in case of emergency:

  1. Keep the button pressed to talk. Be brief and indicate the number of the pole from which you are calling.
  2. Stop pressing the button to listen.
  3. Follow the instructions you receive from the operator.
  4. Point out your exact location.
  5. Describe the emergency situation.
  6. Keep your toll ticket handy.

Insurance against third parties:

Your toll bill allows you to access insurance that covers damages property, family members and those who caused the accident.

Important Data:

It is recommended to keep the ticket to access free services, in it you will find the phone number of the toll station from the place where you are.

To access the services provided by Panamericana Vial, users must be within the concessionary sections.