Panamericana Vial S.A Panavial is an Ecuadorian company who manages the rehabilitation, maintenance and provision of road services for the Panamerican Highway, between Rumichaca (international border between Ecuador and Colombia) and Riobamba, to guarantee the smoothness and safety of uninterrupted traffic for its users.

Panavial is a pioneer in the development of highway concessions in Ecuador and responsible for the first highway concession in the country.

Panavial began operations in 1996 and its structure has incorporated ten toll stations along the E35.  Panavial is being part of a holding that includes companies dedicated to the construction of civil infrastructure works, such as concession, maintenance and road marking.

Since 2005, the company has been executing expansion projects along the 470 km stretch of the Panamericana South and North, carrying out maintenance under the concession scheme.

The good road conditions contribute to the tourist, industrial and commercial development of the country, with advanced technology and an experienced team to join the roads in a sustainable environment.