Highway to 8 lanes South access from Quito

Construction of the Santa Rosa Curved Heat Exchanger

Highway to 6 lanes Jambelí - Latacunga - Ambato

Expansion of the access road to Cotopaxi National Park

Highway to 6 lanes Calderon - Guayllabamba

Highway 4 lanes from the North access to the Quito Airport

Guayllabamba Bridge Construction

6 lane Y de Cajas Highway - Otavalo

6-lane highway Otavalo - Ibarra

Cotacachi Interchange Construction

Atuntaqui Depressed Construction

Expansion to 4 lanes of the Ibarra - Bolívar road

Expansion to 4 lanes Ambato - Riobamba

Expansion of the road to 8 lanes Otavalo ring road and related works

Highway to 6 lanes Pifo - Colibrí - Cusubamba

Construction of the new Rumichaca International Bridge

Construction of New Juncal Bridge

Construction of 9 toll stations

Construction of emerging works in the Quebrada Jalupana

Rehabilitation via Panamericana Rumichaca - Riobamba

Construction of Puente El Tejar as an emerging work in Otavalo

El Chaupi Interchange