Recognizing that organizational growth and success is a committed team result thanks to its talent and effort, along with providing services that have high-end equipment, which are competitive advantages for such development and expansion.

The staff has an exceptional roles and functions division based on the objectives and strategies to follow, putting into practice the concepts of inclusion, career plans, competitive salaries, safety and occupational health.

Its business strength is based on a technical group of excellence with more than 600 direct and 400 indirect workers.

Training and Awareness

Panavial is aware that as a company it must interact with its team to achieve a common goal; a trained staff is where a good part of the success or failure of an organization lies. We need human talent that is aware of the quality policy, the objective’s importance and its contribution to the management systems effectiveness, including the high performance benefits.  Training and meetings are held to apply strategies through workshops where a strategic direction of continuous improvement and growth is applied.