Are Panavial's tolls fully automated?

No, our users can choose which type of payment suits them best, manual payment in the booths with ATMs or electronic payment in the TelePass lanes.

How do I acquire the Telepass Panavial Tag?

It can be purchased at any customer service office located at Panavial’s toll booths, a copy of the user’s ID or RUC is required, a copy of the vehicle’s license plate, fill out the application for the service and pay USD. $7.00 for the device, plus a recharge to your account.

Currently we are giving the user the option to execute the purchase of the Tag by email, the customer sends the requirements and payment to the email and indicates which station you want to install the device, thus avoiding the lines and the procedure in the toll, only take your car for the installation of the Tag.

Additionally, if the user has a Tag with the same technological characteristics of ETC, we activate it in our system at no cost. This management can be done by sending by mail a copy of the user’s ID, a copy of the vehicle’s license plate and a photo of the Tag device where the internal number can be verified.


If the owner of the vehicle cannot approach the toll booth to buy the tag, can someone else do it?

Of course, as long as you attach a written authorization addressed to Panavial S.A. indicating the first and last names and ID number of the person who will perform the procedure.


What are the hours of operation to buy the tag?

The opening hours are from Monday to Sunday from 06:00 to 22:00 h. in the customer service offices located in the Panavial toll stations.

How do I recharge?

You can do it in three different ways:

  1. In the manual collection booths from $1.00 to $100.00 dollars 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  1. At the customer service offices of each toll station by cash or certified check, Monday to Sunday from 6 am to 10 pm.
  1. By bank transfer or deposit to Produbanco current account, Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 18:00.
How can I check my prepaid balance?

Entering the web page and clicking on the option Consult Transit and Balance, if it is the first time you enter, your user and password are your ID or RUC number.

What are the benefits of the TelePass?
  1. Avoid long lines in manual payment lanes, which reduces traffic time, pollution, fuel consumption and the inconvenience of having to stop.
  2. It allows to cross by the exclusive track at a maximum speed of 20 kms per hour.
  3. Avoid contact with the cashier and handling of money, both at the time of payment and during exchanges.
  4. It avoids wasting time in lines during collection management.
  5. It allows you to homologate the device free of charge in other toll stations nationwide not managed by Panavial, just by doing a recharge.
  6. For customers with fleets of vehicles, it allows them to visualize and control the passing records and their replication to our website for each customer’s review.
  7. Due to invoicing and withholding issues, it also reduces the emission of these and their posting since the same account can be associated with the number of tags that the customer wishes.
  8. With only one recharge and for all the associated vehicles it allows to use the balance, these prepaid recharges are executed by bank transfer or current deposit to our unique account at Produbanco.
What other tolls can I use the Panavial Tag on?

Since they share the same ETC technology, it can be used as long as it is first activated in tolls such as: the General Rumiñahui Highway, Intervalles, Alóag-unión del Toachi, Conorte, Consegua, Consur and Cvialco, it is necessary that a recharge is executed to use these tolls, since since they are different companies, I do not know the balances.

How can I activate a Provincial Council tag at Panavial?

You can do this by e-mail,, sending copies of the license plate, the vehicle, the owner’s identification card and a photo of the tag to verify the internal number.

How can I activate the Panavial Telepass Tag at the Pichincha Provincial Council tolls?

To activate the equipment, you must make the management directly in the toll offices of the General Rumiñahui Highway, communicate to pbx. 2601431, or email

I sold my car and forgot to take off the Panavial Tag, what should I do?

To disable the equipment, it is necessary to send us a letter addressed to Panavial, to the mail in which you request to deactivate the Tag, because the car was sold.  If the prepaid balance remains intact, it does not expire, the user will be able to use the balance again when acquiring a tag for his new vehicle.


I changed cars and want to transfer the tag and balance to my new vehicle, what should I do?

First of all, you have to deactivate the device. Once deactivated, you have to send a letter addressed to Panavial, to the email, requesting to deactivate the tag, indicating the vehicle license plate. The vehicle user must purchase a new device. You may apply  the remaining balance in your account as a credit towards a new tag.

The windshield of my car broke and I changed it recently, what about my prepaid balance and the tag, since it was destroyed?

The equipment is disabled because it no longer works due to the breakage of the windshield. It is necessary for the user to purchase a new one in order to continue using the prepaid service.

I want to buy the Tag but my vehicle is currently in the shop and it will be delivered in a month, can you deliver the device for me to install it?

If the installation instructions are provided, we will give you a printed instruction on how to do it. It is the user’s responsibility to do it correctly, preferably the installation should be done by Panavial’s personnel, to guarantee that there are no new developments when circulating through our tolls.


How much is the minimum amount of refills?

Reloads can be executed from $1.00 onwards, and for the amount the user wishes, there are no limits to the maximum number of reloads.

How do I know how much balance is left in my account?

Every time you pass through the toll booths, next to the exit barrier of the collection lane, you will be shown on the display the value of your balance. You can also check it on the website, in the option “Transit and Balance Inquiry”.


Is the balance I have in Panavial enough to go through the toll of the General Rumiñahui Highway?

The balance you have at Panavial is not shared with other concessions, it is necessary to activate the Tag and make a recharge in each toll that is not from Panavial.

Can Panavial's Tag be activated in the Guayasamin Tunnel toll?

In the Guayasamin Tunnel it is not possible to activate it, since they use another technology for ETC. When they change to our ETC technology, it will be possible to use the Tag in that toll.


Is there an option to make the recharges by bank debit, or payment with my credit card?

At the moment we do not have this option enabled, but you can execute the recharges by bank transfer, current deposit, cash payment or certified check.

Can I pay the toll in cash or do I have to buy the Panavial Tag when I pass by the stations?

Our tolls maintain the two forms of payment (manual and TelePass) according to what is most convenient for our users, they can make the payment in cash in our manual lanes or electronic payment in the exclusive Telepass lanes of their preference.


I made a recharge in the manual lanes but I still don't get the bill to my email?

Our invoicing is offline, therefore the electronic invoice is not sent to your email, you must download it from the IRS page in electronic documents, in addition to the time of recharge in the road, the cashier gives you a physical invoice which has the same validity.

What are the services provided by Panavial?

The Concessionaire provides free services in exchange for tolls payments such as:

  1. Mechanical assistance or transfer with platform cranes for light vehicles or towing for heavy vehicles. Service is provided to the nearest workshop or safe location.
  2. Pre-hospital care in cases of traffic accidents in the first aid room at the toll station.
  3. Insurance that covers damages to third parties in their goods and persons.
  4. Communication service through conventional lines and cell phones to coordinate the services or news of the road.
  5. Road safety with constant monitoring routes to ensure optimal road conditions.
Can I homologate the Oswaldo Guayasamín Toll Tag in Panavial?

There are two types of devices for the Oswaldo Guayasamín Toll. As long as it is the Passive Tag device, which fulfills the same characteristics of the Panavial Electronic Toll, the tag can be homologated normally. While the Active Tag cannot be homologated, as it is uses different technology. For more information contact us by  email: or  by Phone: +593 2 398 2560.